Hitch, the Magnet Dog

2015-06-26 06.30.26edit

This is Hitch, who lives across the street from me. He’s deaf, but doesn’t know it. He’s also a magnet dog — anyone who sees him wants to be close to him. Sometimes if I sit on the grass, Hitch climbs onto my lap and licks my face and that’s about as fabulous as life gets. I have to be careful, though, not to do it while my dog Cagney is watching out the window, because when Cagney gets jealous, he barks and bothers the whole neighborhood. (And yes, one of Hitch’s eyes are green, and the other is blue.)

Sheep Shearing

2015-06-15 05.58.46edit

My friends Lucky and Blossom were sheared yesterday. They didn’t seem to mind, even when they were wrestled into the best position for shearing. Here they are checking out each other’s new summer cut. (Frankly, they both looked ridiculous, but we people were careful not to say that out loud.)

Home and Hubbub

2015-05-18 02.54.02

I’m usually reluctant to leave home, and who wouldn’t be with this view from her front porch? But this weekend I’m heading east to Boston for Hubbub, an event sponsored by the Boston Book Festival. I’ll be on a panel with the authors Mitali Perkins and Tor Seidler, and we’ll be talking about . . . home. And how home fits into the books we write.

The panel, at 11:45 on Saturday, June 20, will take place in the Old South Church sanctuary, on Boylston Street near Copley Square.


2015-05-23 04.04.04-1edit

On really good days, doing book research means hanging out with sheep and the people who love them.

Flora and Crispin Grow Up (a Little)

flora older

From the brilliant Matt Phelan: an updated look at Flora and Crispin, a few years after Flora’s Very Windy Day. Interesting that my Boston Terrier, Cagney, managed to wriggle his way into their lives, though Matt made him look a lot calmer than he truly is.

Note, too, how much Flora looks like Lydia Penderwick. Hmm.

Mother-Daughter Power Duo

2015-04-04 23.32.43-2edit

I recently photographed my friends Lisa Yee and Kait Feldmann in my little home studio. Lisa is a renowned and uproariously funny author of children’s books, and Kait is a brilliant and upcoming Editorial Assistant at Scholastic.

On the Radio with Elvis Presley

2014-08-26 07.25.49edit

Northampton station WRSI (93.9 The River) deejay Monte Belmonte has many talents, including impersonating Elvis Presley. (This photo is from last summer and, yes, Monte is wearing a wig.) He’s also my favorite ever interviewer. Listen here to the two of us discussing the new Penderwicks book, The Penderwicks in Spring.

Reading The Penderwicks in Spring

Ella reading PIV. Oct. 2014

This is the older sister of the girl in the previous post, the one reading Flora’s Very Windy Day. And this sister is reading an advance copy of The Penderwicks in Spring. She’s a writer herself and will probably be famous someday.

Flora and a Friend

Clara. February. 2015.

Here is a friend of mine reading my book Flora’s Very Windy Day.  She’s been known to share this book with the sheep who live next door.